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Spicy Mala Almond

An adventurous flavour experience inspired by the bold and fiery Sichuan cuisine. The blend of Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, and aromatic spices offers an intense combination of heat and tingling sensation, complemented by the delicate nuttiness of almonds.

**Contains nuts

Dragonfruit Black Sesame

The delicate sweetness of pink dragonfruit (pitaya), reminiscent of a blend between a melon and a berry with notes of kiwi and pear, elevates the nutty depth of black sesame. The vibrant pink hue of the dragonfruit adds a visually striking element to this flavourful bonbon.

Passion Cayenne

A playful twist on the classic combination of passionfruit and chocolate. The hint of cayenne adds an unexpected kick at the end, creating a delightful surprise.

Vietnamese Coffee

A delightful journey to the vibrant streets of Vietnam. This bonbon combines the rich, aromatic essence of Vietnamese coffee with a creamy layer of condensed milk, offering an experience that captures the heart of the local coffee culture.

*contains nuts

Coconut Pandan

A delightful confection inspired by the traditional flavours of Southeast Asia. This exquisite treat beautifully combines the rich, creamy essence of coconut with the aromatic notes of pandan leaves.


Thai Tea

Infused with the vibrant flavours of traditional Thai tea, this bonbon is a delightful journey to the bustling streets of Thailand. A layer of rich condensed milk inside evokes the authentic Thai tea experience, making it a sweet and aromatic treasure of local culture.


Sour Cherry Hōjicha

An elegant combination of the tangy allure of sour cherry jam and the rich, roasted notes of hōjicha green tea. We source our hōjicha from Uji, Japan.

**Vegan friendly


Indulge in a comforting, nostalgic flavour journey that harmonizes the beloved malty notes of Ovaltine with the smooth embrace of chocolate, evoking the warmth of cherished childhood memories.

**Contains gluten

Rose Cardamom

Combining the floral essence of rose with the warm, earthy notes of cardamom. A truly enchanting and aromatic flavour adventure.


Port Wine

Infusing the essence of Port wine into velvety dark chocolate ganache to deliver a sophisticated flavour experience. The deep, complex notes of Port wine, including nuanced hints of oak and fruity sweetness, melds seamlessly with the decadence of dark chocolate.

**Contains alcohol


Char Siu Caramel

Featuring a filling of Char Siu dark chocolate caramel, this bonbon presents a unique blend of flavours inspired by the iconic Chinese BBQ sauce. Crafted with a medley of spices including soy sauce, five spice, ginger, and garlic, it delivers a caramelized sweetness with savoury umami and slightly smoky undertones.

**Contains gluten

White Rabbit

A sweet homage to the cherished White Rabbit candy from childhood memories, capturing the familiar creamy sweetness that defines the classic treat.

Guanaja 70% Dark

Valrhona's 70% Guanaja dark chocolate boasts creamy richness and delightful bitterness. This exquisite chocolate blend features characteristic cocoa beans from Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Madagascar, offering a truly diverse and enchanting flavour experience.

**Vegan friendly


Tangerine Jasmine

Evoking the essence of spring and summer, the bright citrus flavour of tangerine harmonizes with delicately floral jasmine-infused dark chocolate ganache.

**Vegan friendly


Sudachi Cheesecake

Combining sudachi (Japanese lime) gelée, cream cheese ganache, and a satisfying crunchy layer, this bonbon unites vibrant, citrusy tang with velvety comfort in an exceptional blend of flavours and textures.

**Contains nuts and gluten


Kinako Mochi

A traditional combination that embodies the essence of Japanese confectionery, featuring luscious, nutty kinako (roasted soybean flour) ganache and a soft, chewy piece of mochi.

**Contains gluten

Salted Egg

In Asian cuisine, salted egg is renowned for its unique blend of salty, savoury, and umami flavours, making it a cherished ingredient in various culinary traditions. It pairs perfectly with the delicate sweetness and creamy richness of white chocolate to create an exquisite flavour profile.

Strawberry Pistachio

Celebrating the vibrant flavour of sweet, ripe strawberries harmoniously paired with the decadent, nutty notes of roasted pistachio ganache.

**Contains nuts

Guava Hibiscus

A luscious combination of flavours, featuring the tropical sweetness of guava jam and the deep, slightly tangy complexity of hibiscus dark chocolate ganache.

**Vegan friendly

Banana Caramel

Honouring the timeless combination of banana and chocolate by highlighting the velvety essence of banana and the indulgent sweetness of caramel.

Verbena Sansho

The bright and zesty essence of verbena, reminiscent of lemon without the acidity, intertwines with the complex and distinctive taste of Japanese sansho peppercorn. While the verbena adds a delicate touch, the sansho pepper contributes its tangy citrus notes and herbal character.


Hazelnut Praliné

A delightful confection that honours the classic harmony of hazelnuts and chocolate, with a creamy praline and a whole roasted hazelnut tucked within a bittersweet chocolate shell.

**Vegan friendly, contains nuts

Raspberry Lychee

Blending the vibrant tang of raspberry with the delicate sweetness of lychee, this bonbon presents a harmonious flavour profile. The slight tartness of ripe raspberries complements the subtle floral notes of lychee, all enveloped in deep cocoa richness.

**Vegan friendly


An exotic delight, showcasing the rich, creamy, and slightly pungent essence of durian. Cherished by fervent enthusiasts throughout Southeast Asia, this unique fruit has rightfully earned the title of the "king of fruits".

*contains nuts


Mango Lemongrass

Ripe sweetness of mangoes meets zesty tang of lemongrass, crafting a tropical fusion that is bursting with fruity richness and citrusy brightness.

Pei Pa Koa 枇杷膏

Our most distinctive creation, showcasing the distinctive flavour profiles of Pei Pa Koa, the renowned Chinese herbal honey, celebrated for its soothing herbal blend with cooling notes of peppermint and licorice.

**Contains gluten

Black Garlic Miso Caramel

An extraordinary flavour journey, akin to "salted caramel on steroids," seamlessly blending the salty-savoury notes of white miso with the umami depth of black garlic.

*contains nuts


Applewood Rum

A fusion of applewood smoked caramel, rum-infused ganache, and dark chocolate, resulting in a flavour profile that interlaces smoky sweetness, comforting warmth, and deep cocoa undertones.

**Contains alcohol

Five Spice

Smooth and bittersweet dark chocolate ganache infused with flavourful five spice, reminiscent of gingerbread without the ginger. It's a nostalgic treat that evokes warm, cozy moments with every bite.

**Vegan friendly

Kalamansi Kecap Manis

A tantalizing fusion of zesty kalamansi and the sweet, savoury allure of kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce). This bonbon offers a complex and unforgettable taste experience.

**Vegan friendly, contains gluten