Bonbon Flavours

Current Flavours

Maple Gochujang

Maple Gochujang Bonbon boasts a complex flavour profile, featuring a unique blend of sweet and spicy tastes in addition to subtle saltiness. The fermented chili paste (gochujang) adds an umami flavour, which is balanced out by the sweetness of maple syrup and dark milk chocolate ganache. All wrapped up in dark chocolate shell.

Rose Cardamom

Balance of floral essence of rose and the warm, earthy notes of cardamom. The combination of these distinct flavours creates a unique sensory experience that is both intriguing and satisfying. The creamy texture of the white chocolate filling complements the crispness of the dark chocolate shell, resulting in a harmonious blend of textures that enhances the overall taste.

Tamarind Violet

The tamarind violet bonbon is a deliciously balanced blend of tangy tamarind, delicate floral notes of violet, and rich bittersweet dark chocolate with a slightly acidic undertone. The taste is both adventurous and satisfying, sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.


Are you team Ovaltine? This bonbon is infused with Ovaltine (Malted Chocolate) for a smooth classic, luxurious treat at any time of the day.

Port Wine

Transport yourself to the streets of Portugal. Port wine, this sweet, red, fortified wine is loved by many due to its richness and often served with desserts. So we combined the two together, complementing the dark chocolate ganache. *Vegan Friendly

*No Dairy Added

Kalamansi Kecap Manis

Kalamansi (fruit 4-in-1, combines sourness and aromas of lemons and limes, with the gentle bitterness of grapefruits and pomelos) in a rich creamy dark chocolate ganache with a drop of Indonesian staple, Kecap Manis, a sweet soy sauce for a hint of saltiness.

*Vegan Friendly

Yuzu Balsam Fir

Yuzu (Japanese lemon) on top of the silky dark chocolate ganache infused with balsam fir needles. We promise we are not a cause of the Balsam Fir shortage.

*Vegan Friendly

Hazelnut Praliné Poprocks

The Classic. Rich Hazelnut Praliné in dark chocolate shell. Subtle explosions in your mouth from poprocks. Let it melt in your mouth.

*contains nuts


The aromatic, sweet and slightly floral notes of lychee come out beautifully in this silky dark chocolate filled bonbon.

*Vegan Friendly


Soursop, tangy fruit jelly with floral notes which starts off sour and ends off sweet, on top of a dark chocolate filling and encased in a crispy dark chocolate shell.

*Vegan Friendly

Thai Tea

Condensed milk layered on top of smooth Thai Tea infused ganache. Reminiscent of the cold drinks from the streets of Thailand.

Sudachi Cheesecake

Sudachi pate de fruit (gelée) sits on top of a smooth cheesecake ganache finished with a crunchy almond layer. So refreshing! 

*contains nuts


Refreshing cassis (blackcurrant) ganache encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Coconut Pandan

Oozing Coconut caramel on top of a Pandan (also called Asian vanilla) infused ganache. Someone take us to South East Asia already!

Passion Cayenne

Passion fruit infused white chocolate ganache with Cayenne pepper to kick the heat up a notch.

Five Spice Cookie Crunch

Five Spice infused silky dark milk chocolate ganache on top of a crunchy layer of hazelnut praline, cookie butter and cookie crumbs.

*contains nuts

Guanaja 70% Dark

Creamy 70% Dark chocolate by Valrhona develops wonderful bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes while unveiling flowery notes. Chocolate made from a blend of characteristic cocoa beans from Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Madagascar.

*Vegan Friendly

Baileys Caramel

Delicious Irish Cream in a caramel ganache. We promise no hangovers.

*contains alcohol

Mango Lemongrass

We absolutely adore the delightful flavour of mango! Get ready for a flavour adventure as we blend luscious mango jam with the aromatic essence of lemongrass ganache. Indulge in this mouthwatering fusion of flavours that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

White Rabbit

Remember your childhood candy? We pair the original candy with smooth white chocolate ganache and bring back some memories.

Salted Egg Black Sesame

Delicacy in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia made it to our bonbons too. Golden Salted Egg yolk worked into a silky ganache sitting on top of Black Sesame praline. 

Strawberry Pistachio

Refreshing strawberry jam layered on top of our own in house made pistachio paste worked into a silky ganache.

*contains nuts

Guava Hibiscus

A tropical guava fruit jam on top of a dark chocolate ganache infused with hibiscus, balancing sweet and tart all encased in a beautiful dark chocolate shell.

*Vegan Friendly

Banana Caramel

This soft mouthwatering Banana chocolate caramel will transport you to paradise. Simply melts in your mouth.


Durian fruit puree paired with silky white chocolate ganache. They call it King of Fruits for a reason! You either love it or hate it.

Miso Caramel Black Garlic

White Miso Caramel on top of a smooth Ontario produced Black Garlic Ganache and all wrapped in dark chocolate. White Miso caramel adds a subtle saltiness and umami flavour.

*contains nuts


Hōjicha is a Japanese green tea roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. This gives the distinctive flavour to this wonderful tea. We infused our Dark Milk chocolate ganache with this wonderful organic tea.

*Vegan Friendly

Pei Pa Koa 枇杷膏

Year after year you’ve been asking for it. Must be the cold season. Rich Loquat syrup with variety of other herbal ingredients give this dark chocolate ganache that wonderful calming properties and bring back childhood memories for many.


Perfect for morning or anytime pick me up. Espresso bonbon with dark chocolate shell and a vegan friendly dark chocolate ganache infused with coffee.*Vegan friendly

*Vegan Friendly

Vietnamese Coffee

Need a morning kick, or anytime a day kick? We layered condensed milk on rich coffee infused dark milk chocolate ganache.

*contains nuts

*contains nuts