Our Frozen Treats

Currently offering in store only. While quantities last.

OUR Ice Cream Flavours. In Store Only. Half Pints (8oz) and 500ml containers. While quantities last.

For the week ending August 14. List updated Thursday morning.

Milk Tea 'n' Coffee (Yuenyeung 鴛鴦)

Mixture of Ceylon Orange Pekoe and coffee with condensed milk folded in. This will give you all the kick you need for the day.



You asked for it! We delivered! The King of Fruits in our signature ice cream base. It's the way you remember Durian! And we added chocolate condensed milk ripples to make it even tastier.


Mango Tamarind (V)

Refreshing smooth Kesar Mango Sorbet base with Tamarind caramel for a subtle sour and tangy addition to complement the sweetness of mango.

Valrhona Dulcey Caramel Chocolate Crunch (G)

Smooth Valrhona Dulcey Caramelized White Chocolate ice cream ribboned with Dark chocolate caramel. The dark chocolate crunchy pearls add a wonderful crisp to this delicious ice cream.

Fresh Mint w/Chocolate Flakes

Freshly picked mint leaves steeped in our signature ice cream base. Complemented with chocolate flakes and chocolate swirls.

Valrhona 70% Dark Chocolate

Fudgy Dark chocolate ice cream base full of chocolate flavour and bits of chocolate for crunchiness.


Coconut Pandan (V)

Coconut base infused with in house made juice from Pandan leaves. The swirls of Gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar caramel) elevate this delicious ice cream. So Shiok! Takes us back to South East Asia.


Salted Egg Yolk

Salted Egg Yolk ice cream base infused with Curry leaves for that wonderful nutty flavour and finished off with Valrhona Caramelized white chocolate bits. Reminds us of IRVINS Salted Egg Chips.

Hōjicha Pineapple

Hōjicha Ice Cream base with pineapple jam. Hōjicha is a roasted green tea sourced from Uji, Japan by our friends at The Tea Practioner (theteapractitioner.com).


Ice Cream Bars

White Rabbit Dipped in Ruby OR Valrhona Milk Chocolate

White Rabbit Candy, a childhood candy for many, makes a perfect base for our rabbit (face) shaped ice cream bar. Smooth!


(V) Vegan friendly (G) Contains Gluten (A) Contains Alcohol